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Ways To Swear Your Loyalty To The Fair And Just Pumpkin Gods This Fall

Posted on October 18, 2016

The age of the Pumpkin Gods are upon us and if you would like to be judged in favor of the soon to be pumpkin spiced, Halloween overlords. You’ll need to get these GIFs on your blog and these shirts in your closet if you want to assimilate smoothly. You’ll be glad you did.




As you’ll soon learn the ONLY mood that you’ll be allowed to have is… you guessed it… That’s right! Pumpkin! You’re entire group of friends, family, and more than likely pets will be expected to have this on their body so rather than having this branded on your forehead, why not wear a comfy raglan instead!


Ah, pumpkin spice! The chosen flavor of our soon to be masters. You’ll be expected to drink (at the very least) a gallon of psl’s every morning. Pace yourself, though

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Look Human Draws: Stranger Things

Posted on October 13, 2016

We binged on the super awesome show Stranger Things (As I’m sure as most of our audience did) Our artists were inspired to create a collection of portraits of some of their favorite characters. Check them out!



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Top Lazy Costume Ideas

Posted on October 11, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner and like most of you we’re really bad about preparing for the best holiday of the year. Every Halloween we get these awesome costume ideas but end up throwing on the old awkward horse mask like we do every time. If you’re like us you’ll appreciate these lazy costume ideas.


Forget the crown and sewing together some expensive dress you’ll only wear once. With this shirt you’ll be sure to not only look cute but not would won’t have to worry about your princess dress being dragged through puddles of barf and spilled hard apple cider.


Not since the 2012 Apocalypse have people been more terrified of calamity then the impending election. You’ll be the sobering reminder and recipient of many groans when you enter a room in this terrifying baseball tee

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